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  • What methods do you use to extract the oils from the industrial hemp plants?
    UNHE uses the latest technology in Ethanol extraction, a -65° C multi-cycle wash of the aerial flower parts of the hemp plants.
  • Why did you choose Ethanol Extraction?
    So glad you looked for this answer - we studied it extensively ourselves for the best option. Ethanol extraction and CO2 extraction are often the top 2 methods referred for commercial scale supply chain sources. Each has its place and utility in hemp extractions. It all depends on the end product you want to market as to which may be preferred. For THC related extract products like Shatter, Butter, Live Resin, Sauce, THC-a Crystalline, and THC HTFSE, the CO2 method is a reliable way of achieving those smoking related products. Most 'recreational' users are accustom to smoking the various end products. Not so for the emerging CBD users. For CBD-related uses, we understand, it’s not about the high, it’s all about the health. For CBD Hemp Oils, Ethanol extraction is an excellent and efficient method. For CBD OIL related products: Crude, Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD Distillate, Ethanol Extraction is a perfect clean source for topicals, tinctures, edibles and vape product uses. Often advertised as “solventless”, CO2 started off as an alternative to certain early methods using solvents like: Butane (BHO), Methane, Propane and other highly volatile gases. Yet with the high CO2 pressures involved, 3000+ psi, all the plant waxes and byproducts are extracted too. Now you have probably seen the thick yellowish peanut butter like CO2 extractions in jars and beakers as it comes out of CO2 machines. Well, all of that thick mixture must be “winterized” to separate out those plant waxes and byproducts from the oils. Guess what’s used to winterize it… super cold Ethanol. We are able to skip that winterization step in our process and go straight to evaporating the ethanol for the hemp oil.
  • Do you offer customization or white label products?
    We are able to offer turnkey white label services for your current and future needs. Our white label products are manufactured in a FDA inspected production facility following GMP standards. Our facilities can also provide Organic and Kosher certified products. Contact Us to start working with us.
  • Are Hemp products legal to ship within the US?
    Yes, UNHE hemp-derived products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. UNHE is registered with the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission and is able to ship from NC without any regulatory issues. We are not able to provide a single answer for the other 49 States since most are in a constant process of adjusting their regulations. Please contact us for the specifics for each destination and we will work with you on the best logistics for the regulatory security of your delivery.
  • What is United Track & Trace?
    United quality starts before plants are even in the ground. Our tracking begins with a detailed soil analysis and only the best acreage is approved. All results are confirmed and documented and then the OK is given for planting. Our family run farms choose registered compliant hemp cultivars, tend regularly to their crops all the way through to harvest. They gently dry the aerial flowers to be processed into oil. A full COA test is performed by a 3rd party lab for heavy metals, pesticides, cannabinoid content and regulatory compliance. When the purity and quality is confirmed, the hemp is accepted and stored in Food approved storage facilities. Each CCP step in hemp processing has specific SOPs with accompanying quality testing and all documents are dated and logged for full Traceability. All batches' processing and quality check records are reviewed and a final third-party independent lab report is ordered. This assures you of the oil's integrity and safety, and gives you the documentation to show others that you provide the best in safety, traceability, and quality.
  • If traceability goes all the back to the soil, are farm visits available?"
    Yes. We encourage our clients to come visit our facility and our family run farms. Please fill out our convenient Request for Information form to learn more about our hemp operations, how we work with and support over 40 community farmers, and then visit some of the acreage.
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