Oils that work for you.

Formulated for consistency and maximum impact, the Synergy Series leverages the entourage effect,

combining a consistent, pure CBD distillate with the boosting effects from terpenes to create formulations fit for specialized products. 

6 results-driven effects

The Synergy Series provides targeted blends of

United Natural Hemp Extract's premium-quality CBD distillate and

full-spectrum oil with specific terpene blends for the following effects:


Harnesses the interplay between two main terpenes, Linalool and Limonene, to promote relaxation. This blend features a pleasant floral aroma and an unwinding effect.


Effect: Calming

Fragrance: Earthy, Lavender

Purity Level 5

Passes tests for pathogens, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and trace solvents

USA-grown, compliant, and processed in USA food-grade facilities

From Soil to Oil

UNHE products are sold by the active CBD ingredient.  Distillates are available in the range of 65% to over 85% CBD

Potency Level:


Extracted using

food-grade ethanol

1A Process

All terpene profiles are available. This unique blend features Linalool and Limonene.


Decarboxylated, dewaxed, and winterized

1B/4 Refinement

Get Started Today

Interested in using a Synergy Series distillate blend for your CBD product or want to create something custom? 



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