OUR Extraction Method

After extensive review and analysis of today's numerous extraction methods for Hemp based products, UNHE has chosen ETHANOL extraction over CO2 extraction or the other options historically used for cannabis.

We use Capna Systems equipment and ultra-clean pure ethanol at -65C to rinse the trichomes of the aerial flowers of our farmers’ verified and test-approved hemp plants.

With zero post-processing, Capna Systems features astonishingly efficient extraction built for constant operation during every second of every day. From superior purity and efficiency to automized operation and stainless-steel build quality, every system in its proprietary range features advanced Capna technology to ensure years of outstanding performance and satisfaction from innovative systems that deliver greater efficiency, scalability and stability than ever before possible.

Atles System, Capna

Ceres System, Capna

Ares System, Capna

Our UNITED Track & Trace system is a key focus of our operations to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

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We only extract from the Aerial Flower (AF) parts of the hemp plant, not from the stems, stalk or leaves, and absolutely not from hemp seeds - which really contain no cannabinoids at all.

Our UNHE facility and extraction process infrastructure is designed and managed for compliance with GMP standards.

Our UNITED Track & Trace system monitors and records each CCP, Critical Control Point, procedure throughout the entire refinement process. Our SOP based verification procedures ensure the purity, content and reliability of each drop we make.

Our Quality Starts with US-Grown AF Hemp
Quality Through Scientific Advancement

Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people and that allows us to produce exceptional products and services. Our success depends on superior scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.


We use a multi-step process that includes utilizing the right equipment, collecting and analyzing data and a focus on Good Manufacturing Practices. We make sure it is not subjective or emotional, but rather a logical, open and rational process. Applying the scientific method in all parts of the organization is expected and highly valued.


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