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Potential CBD Effects Consumers Should Be Aware Of

This is an excerpt from an article that was originally posted on Incredible Edibles. Read the full article here.

By Tim McCarthy

The effects that you get from any hemp extract will vary by the amount you take and what else is ‘riding along’ with the CBD molecule. Many things amend the effect of hemp on the endocannabinoid system, such as:

  • A first-time user

  • How you take it:

    • Tinctures (sublingual absorption—possibly faster)

    • Capsules or consumables—chew and swallow (must first pass liver elimination—possibly slower)

    • Topicals for localized use

  • The dosage (10mg to 50mg)

  • The CBD source (isolate, distillate, or crude)

  • Synergistic and synchronized added ingredients (with or without terpenes and/or other botanicals for complimentary benefits)

First-time users sometimes report a sense of light-headedness, but this is probably the result of experiencing the effects of supplementing their endocannabinoid system for the first time. Many report feeling nothing at all. This can be a result of some products having little to no actual CBD in them or a low-dosage isolate. Products on the shelf with incorrect dosages have slipped by due to the newness of the CBD market.

There are great companies with great products out there. They have nothing to hide and readily show off the evidence behind all their hard work. Yet with so many new companies and products in the market, federal and state regulators may not be able to keep up with each one in a timely manner. Therefore, fact checking is up to you: caveat emptor. It is still up to the consumer to confirm that the manufacturer has done their due diligence to assure the product’s potency, purity, and safety.

In 2021, consumers can expect to find targeted product innovations that speak to a specific desired experience and ones that are focused on their particular need states, like stress or anxiety. Attention to terpene blends by effect can greatly focus the experience to your individual needs. Some terpenes, like linalool found in lavender, are known to promote stress relief and relaxation, while others like pinene and limonene potentially promote focus and uplifting effects, and there are dozens of key terpenes with thousands of combination possibilities. Start looking for and requesting a more specific experience. Now, one cannot expect, nor will you see, federally sanctioned indications, but by looking for specialized CBD blends based upon that interplay of terpenes and cannabinoids, consumers should get their expectations better matched to their needs and leave behind one size fits most products.

Looking to create a custom CBD product? Check out our UNHE Synergy Series. Exclusive solutions are also available on our Custom Blends page.


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